It all started with the simple idea that good food makes the world go around. It’s why, each and every day, we strive to better serve our community, our customers, and our world with food that’s fresh, tasty, and healthy. That's our promise to you.
Real Ingredients
Tasty and healthy starts with 100% real ingredients.
Real Clean
Every product features clean ingredients from the best growers.
Real Quality
We use high-quality vegetables in each of our products.
Real Delicious
We guarantee that your taste buds will be blown away.


I just HAVE to tell you how much I LOVE your plant based queso. It became my favorite dairy-free product! ! I love it just as a dip, but I've also had it in a breakfast burrito and as the cheese in my "Mac and cheese", and it is unreal.

Andrea H., Michigan

Just look at that absolutely perfect label placement. Beautiful packaging and product!

Rob M. Wisconsin

I buy the avocado mash. I love the convenience of the small serving size, since I'm the only one in my house that enjoys avocado (and it's good).

Carol S.

Good Eats